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ENG 60: English Literature


Course Description

6th Grade English focuses on exploring and understanding classic English literature through key literary concepts and devices such as theme, metaphor, hyperbole, mood, plot, and character. In this class, students will strive to become critical readers, cogent writers, and articulate speakers. In the course, students will also: learn to describe the way theme and characterization affect plots, learn to cite evidence from a text, practice enhancing narratives through details, diaglogue, and event sequencing, and practice presentation and collaborative skills.

Required Texts

Sutcliff, Rosemary. Black Ships before Troy: the Story of the Iliad. Laurel-Leaf Books, 2017.
Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol. Bantam Books, 2009.
Flanagan, John. The Ruins of Gorlan. Puffin, 2006.
Wells, Herbert G. The Time Machine. Bantam Dell, 2003.

School: Middle School

Department: English

Length: Full Year


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