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Course Catalog

Northridge Course Catalog

COMP 265-266: Beginning Computer Coding


Course Description

Students will be introduced to object-oriented programming and basic concepts in software development, including classes, inheritance, control structures, simple data structures and objects. This course seeks to provide students with a fundamental understanding of computer programming syntax that they may be able to utilize in future computer science studies. Students will be expected to accurately predict the behavior of code authored by others, including use of control structures and interacting objects. By the end of the class, students will be able to write, debug, and document a well-structured program of at least 150 lines of code that functions in accordance with desired specifications.

Required Texts

Goldwasser, Michael H., and David Letscher. Object-Oriented Programming in Python. Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2008.

School: High School

Department: Computer Science

Length: Full Year


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