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ART 62: Woodworking


Course Description

Woodworking class has a variety of focus areas, including design and carpentry. During this activity, students will continue to build on their knowledge in planning a project to produce a finished product. This includes the selection and use of tools and materials. Emphasis will be on safety and quality of workmanship. Students will be assigned small projects that target mastery of specific skills. Members of the club will also collaborate together on larger group projects. This activity will be exciting not only during club time but also during the student’s free time. Making a project starts with an idea. Students will learn how to visualize a project in their head and be equipped with ways to create it. As students build different skills they will formulate more and more ideas. Some Computer-Aided Design (CAD) skills will be taught as well.

School: Middle School

Department: Art & Music

Length: Full Year


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