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ART 270: Intro to Drawing and Painting


Course Description

Drawing and painting is designed to meet the needs of the beginning student and the advanced artist. The works created during the course will utilize subjects from observation and imagination, applying design, composition principles, and drawing skills learned throughout the course, and their middle school courses. We will introduce the practice of discussing work in a thoughtful and professional manner. Students will be able to articulate appropriate art historical references or comparisons of style in the students own work and the work of others.

The course can be taken multiple semesters, as students will expand into new lessons in both drawing and painting with every additional semester. Students can begin the course in either the Fall or Spring semester.

Course Goals:

Students will learn foundations of art that are universal and can be applied to a variety of interests and fields in their future.

Drawing – Students will increase their ability to see and draw:

  • positive and negative spaces
  • contour lines and shapes
  • contrasts between lights and darks
  • depth and proportion

Painting – Students will:

  • be able to use acrylic paint in an effective way
  • learn basics of color theory and apply them to their paintings
  • learn a variety of techniques in painting
  • increase their skill in mixing and blending colors

Additionally, students will be introduced to:

  • drawing and painting portraits
  • elements of nature in art and human expression
  • grid drawing technique
  • basics of industrial design
  • two and three point perspective
  • basics of architectural drawing

School: High School

Department: Art & Music

Length: One Semester


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