Course Catalog

Northridge Course Catalog

ART 191-192: Beginning Woodworking


Course Description

The Northridge Woodworking program allows young men to see the work of their hands take shape in front of them. Beyond teaching these practical arts, Woodworking rewards young men for patience, care, and diligence, and provides instant and tangible feedback on their efforts—lessons that will last a lifetime. Woodworking teaches students the rudiments of woodworking, including material selection, basic design, measurement, cutting, planning, basic joinery, and finishing techniques.

The three levels of this course are taught together, and students in the more advanced levels of the course take greater responsibility for leading and assisting the beginning students with their projects. Projects are rotated through each year to enable students to be challenged with new woodworking challenges and accomplishments.

School: High School

Department: Art & Music

Length: Full Year


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