Debate & Model UN

Course Description

For millennia, debate has been a cornerstone of the Western intellectual tradition. From Plato’s dialogues to the heated verbal exchanges of the 2016 Presidential Elections, the analysis and discussion of ideas has fostered the creation of new and more effective ways of thinking–and, therefore, a more healthy society.

Events & Topics

Every month, the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) releases a new debate topic for use by schools across the country. Topics have ranged from whether the United States should withdraw its military presence on Okinawa to whether the United Nations should grant India permanent membership on the Security Council. In addition to bi-weekly team meetings during school, participants are expected to compete in three local debate tournaments throughout the school year. Those new to debate must also attend a team training session on Saturday, September 21st at Carl Sandburg High School.

Skills & Benefits

In addition to being extraordinarily fun (just ask our current team members), debate teaches students to research, to think critically, and to speak effectively. Not only this, but debate is also an unbelievable college resume booster.

Additional Requirements

In addition to competitions and bi-weekly, in-school debate meetings, the debate team will also meet on Saturday mornings once to twice a month to practice their debate pitches.

Debaters of all levels are welcome. No prior experience is necessary!

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