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Investments & Personal Finance will introduce your son to the skills he needs to grow his hard-earned money into business opportunities, charitable giving, or whatever interesting project he can dream up! Campers will develop the critical life skills of prudent saving, spending, and investing — all under the guidance of two Northridge High School graduates and small business owners.

Why Investments & Personal Finance?

Making informed and effective decisions with money can have a profound effect on a student’s life. As future business leaders and heads of households, students must possess a virtuous approach to money, strong financial literacy skills, virtue, and discipline. The camp will incorporate hands-on exercises in a fun and dynamic way to help campers learn about:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Development
  • Meaning of Wealth
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Risk Preference in Investing
  • Importance of Virtue when Investing

Camp Leadership

  • About:

    Ivan Fediv,  Northridge Class of 2020, University of Notre Dame Class of 2024




    As a Northridge graduate, Ivan has already ventured into the business world. As the Owner & CEO of SoleParadice Inc, Ivan has five years of experience buying and selling merchandise — generating about $750,000 in gross revenue. Ivan has also earned a NSLC certificate from Yale University for business leadership. In addition, he currently trades options full-time and runs a large group of over 1,000 traders which focuses on strategy and analysis guidance. This is his second company – named Portfolio Kings LLC – and it has allowed him to unify his love for teaching with his passion for trading. 

    Thomas Athey, Northridge Class of 2020, Davidson College Class of 2024




    Thomas has experience with working with students and teaching; this will be his third year directing the camp and he tutored middle schoolers at Northridge for 3 years and worked at Kumon for 4 years. Thomas has been learning about long term investing and options trading since his sophomore year of high school. He will be majoring in economics at Davidson College and is a member of the Davidson Investment and Financial Association which manages $350,000 of the college’s endowment. Thomas currently trades options full-time and also runs the Portfolio Kings group. 

Camp fee: $199

Session 1: August 2 - August 6

Hours: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Entering Grades: 7, 8

Enrollment cap: 15

Camp location: Northridge

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