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The year is 1914. Europe is on the brink of war. Seven Empires (represented by campers) are set to compete for rule over all of Europe. Who will prevail? Together, campers will decide — and (in their imaginations) alter the course of history forever. 

Why Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is a strategic board game of challenge and international intrigue. Many famous statesmen, political scientists, authors, and diplomats (including Henry Kissinger) have described it as their favorite game. Through it, boys learn about strategy, negotiation tactics, psychology, and foreign relations while they learn the risks and rewards of diplomatic relations. In addition to the games, the camp will include history lessons in:

  • Historic Diplomatic Moments
  • Great Diplomats/Leaders of the Past
  • Diplomatic Strategies
  • Foreign Relations 

Camp Leadership

Thomas Kelliher
  • About:

    Dr. Kelliher has been teaching History and Religion at Northridge for 24 years. He has a passion for teaching in energetic and fun ways. His lessons are famous for being engaging, fun, demanding, and rich in content. As one parent from last Summer put it: “There’s no one else who can teach history like Dr. Kelliher.” Other questions about the camp? You can contact Dr. Kelliher at [email protected].

Camp fee: $199

Session 1: June 12 - June 16

Session 2: June 19 - June 23

Hours: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Entering Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8

Enrollment cap: 21 Per Session

Camp location: Northridge

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