Choosing a book

  • Select a books from either the Northridge Reading List or the The Launch Reading List (for high school).
  • Your book must be at or above your level (a 9th grader cannot submit a Middle School book; a Middle Schooler can submit a High School book)
  • Don’t submit a book twice.
  • For the first submissions, due Monday 3/30, any reasonable book will qualify.


How to Submit a book

When? Submit each book form by Monday, midnight, of each week.

How? Fill out the “Book Submission” form below

A few notes

    • Late submissions will count towards the following week.
    • On Monday, March 30, you can submit two books. Thereafter, submit one book.
    • The week of March 30 – April 6 we’ll be a bit lenient on “late submissions.”


Reading Points & Hall Points

Readings Points count towards Hall Points. How?

    • Earn reading points by submitting a book each week.
    • At the end of the shut-down, we’ll tally the reading points of all the members in each Hall. The Hall with the most reading points wins.

Reading Points

    • For every book you submit, you receive 5 reading points.
    • Plus: if you read one book a week for every week school is closed, you will receive a bonus of 20 reading points.

So, do you earn reading points even if you don’t read a book every week? Yes, but …

    • Yes: You earn points for each book you submit (limit of one per week), even if you don’t submit a book every week.
    • But: if you submit a book for every week we’re shut down, (a) you earn an extra 20 points, AND, (b) only these students will qualify for the “Additional Prizes” below.

Hall Points

After all reading points have been tallied, Hall points will be awarded follows:
1st place –  75 Hall points
2nd place – 50 Hall points
3rd place –  25 Hall points


Additional Prizes

  • $100 Gift Cards raffle. All students who read one book for every week that school is closed will be entered into a raffle for two $100 Amazon gift cards.
  • Notoriety. Plus, these students will have their name and picture publicized on Northridge’s social media pages as well as around the school building.


Hall Pizza Party

The hall with the most hall points accrued while school is closed (talent show, book-a-week competition, etc.) will earn a pizza party.

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