Annual Christmas Concert Recap


Deck the Halls (except Cavalier) – By Luka Peric ’20

Ahh, December. The mention of the name alone is enough to bring a calming wave over even the most stubborn of Scrooge’s. Well, that is until finals week rolls around. Regardless, the Knights went all out in preparation for the Christmas season. Wreaths, trees, lights, and goodie bags from St. Nick himself are just a few ways that the Advent spirit has made itself tangible throughout the building. Perhaps even more impactful, however, are the celebrations that we don’t see, per say.

The annual Northridge Christmas Concert filled the beautifully decorated halls with the equally beautiful sounds of the season. The Sixth Grade Band, directed by none other than Mr. John Riccobono, opened the night with the Northridge Alma Mater and several Christmas classics, like Jingle Bells and Carol of the Drum. Immediately following were the Middle School Strings, who, although only a seventh of the size of the Sixth Grade Band, performed incredibly well under the professional watch of Michel Domingue. 

Mr. Riccobono took the stage once again, introducing the esteemed Middle School Band, which included Oliver Carver, Alex Kim, and others from the Sixth Grade Band, as well as Isaac Potempa on the piccolo. After a stellar performance by the middle schoolers, it became time for the upperclassmen to show the audience what they had been working on throughout the semester.

Leading the charge was the Acapella Choir. Mr. Matthew “Mustache” Marsland and his troops serenaded the onlookers with captivating renditions of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and While by My Sheep, with both songs being recent additions to the Acapella arsenal. As the roaring applause died down, the Northridge Strings got into formation, with a few notable cameo appearances by Mr. Joe Rhee on the viola, as well as directors Andre Mendoza and Michel Domingue joining in on the compositional action. After two lauded performances, the dedicated Strings gave the spotlight to the High School Band. Under the care of the assiduous Mr. Riccobono, the world-famous High School Band flawlessly executed four songs, finishing with the equally-famous Carol of the Bells, but with a twist; this rendition was arranged by Kenobi Carpenter ’22. It was an impressive display of musical prowess on Kenobi’s part, but nowhere near what will be the current Senior’s magnum opus. Last but certainly not least were the Repertoire Jazz Band and Honors Jazz Band, who, with the aggregate passion of thirty Louis Armstrongs, concluded the night’s festivities with Jumpin’ at the Woodside, Tiger of San Pedro, and Cute, the latter of which was set apart by a dedicated drum solo from Senior Scott Pasowicz.

Northridge Christmas Concert

To the surprise of few, the Christmas Concert concluded with rounds upon rounds of applause, and marked the imminent end of the second Quarter, as well as the peaceful relaxation that follows. Congratulations to all of our band members and directors for an unforgettable night! A special thank you goes out to Mr. Ante Marovic, John Kestler Jr., and Daniel Keefe for preparing the gym, as well as to Mr. and Mrs. Corter for providing the Christmas decorations! 



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