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All Souls Mass at Northridge

 Hundreds of current students, faculty, administration, staff, and nearly four dozen family members and friends gathered to pray for 17 deceased members of the Northridge community who died this past year. Through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we offered our prayers for this beloved group of men and women, which included alumni, past and current parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, an uncle, and a founding parent, Mickey Keenley, who with her husband and other founding parents came up with the vision for our school, ensuring that Our Lord would always be at the center, especially by offering daily Mass.

When a family chooses to join Northridge, they gain a community that will be with them for the rest of their lives (and their after-lives, too).  

We expect each year at least a few members of our Northridge family will leave this world. For this reason —and since November is the month the Church invites us to pray for the dead—, we have a tradition of hosting an All Souls Mass at Northridge. This year, our Third Annual All Souls Mass took place in the Northridge gym on Friday, November 10th. 


The Knights Legacy Society (“KLS”) —Northridge’s planned-giving initiative that enables donors to make the school a part of their will and legacy— sponsored the event. KLS members Joe & Angela Flood, Larry & Marilyn O’Neill, and Lloyd & Monica Cassidy helped make this a very special gathering.

At the Mass, choral and soloist performances by the Northridge Men’s Chorus set a solemn tone, and the celebrant, Fr. Leo Austin, shared in his homily an anecdote from a trip he made with Northridge students that helped us understand the great contributions these men and women made to their families. 

Please continue to pray for those who have died this year and for the souls of all our beloved dead. 

Those We Remembered       

Greg Pasieka ’00 (10/13/2022) – Alumnus

Jerry Dempsey (11/10/2022) – Past Parent

JoAnn Barder (11/26/2022) – Past Parent & Current Grandparent

Frances Cassidy (1/19/2023) – Current Great Grandparent

Agatha Bettuzzi (3/11/2023)  – Past Parent

Peter Eck (3/18/2023) – Past Parent

Marie Haggerty (4/10/2023) – Past Grandparent

Donald (4/11/23) & Irene (5/7/23) Zimmer – Past Grandparents

Mickey Keenley (4/26/2023) – Founding Parent

Jack Eyre (6/1/2023) – Current Great Grandparent

Jean Roche (7/29/2023)  – Past Parent

Judy Lothian (9/11/2023)  – Current Grandparent

Isabel Carreira (9/12/2023)  – Past Parent

Rochelle Galluzzi (9/24/2023)  – Current Grandparent

Nancy Burke (9/26/2023)  – Past Parent

Deacon Michael Klatt ’88 (10/16/2023)  – Alumnus & Current Uncle

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