Study Skills Program

Laying the Foundations for College Success

From 6th to 9th grades, each Northridge teacher takes an intentional, directed approach to building their student's study skills. Usually, about 15% of a student's grade is based on how well they implement skills within the four following categories: executive reasoning, Note-taking, Test-taking, and Reading. Below is a list of the skills students are expected to master:

Executive Functioning

  • Using the Assignment Notebook
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Using & Organizing a Folder


  • Outline Method
  • Cornell Method
  • Concept-Mapping Method
  • Personal Shorthand
  • Listening Techniques

Test Taking

  • Nightly Notes Review
  • Being Testwise
  • Producing a Study Guide
  • Test Time Management
  • Essay Direction Terms


  • Understanding the Textbook
  • SQ3R Method
  • Scanning for Signal Words
  • Asking the Right Questions

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