Growing in human virtues for the next stage of education and, more importantly, life.

Northridge Middle School offers a unique education for boys. We seek to instill within our students an enthusiasm for learning, to provide them with the core knowledge they need to succeed in the world and academia, and to help them know themselves better, so that they are able to enter into manhood with a love of learning anf the habits necessary to become scholars and gentlemen.

The core classes are English, history, religion, science, foreign language, and math. Our integrated humanities curriculum connects English, history, and religion through themes and time periods. This provides many opportunities for inter-curricular projects which help the students make connections throughout their years in the middle school.

The enrichment program, in conjunction with our clubs, allows the students to reap the fruit of diversifying their interests. Art, drama, mechanics, and military strategy are just a handful of our offerings. Students also participate in a club of their choice: guitar, scriptorium, newspaper, drums, or chess.

Middle school is a time when the students are discovering their skills, struggles, and aspirations. The teacher is not only someone who teaches the students important skills and content knowledge; he is also someone who reveals to the students their own unique gifts, introduces new interests and paths of knowledge, and leads them into endeavors that will help them more fully develop their personality

6th Grade

  • Literature and Introduction to Academic Writing
  • Language Arts
  • World Geography
  • Earth Science
  • The Life of Grace
  • MS Mathematics I/MS Mathematics II
  • Physical Education

7th Grade

  • Literature and Academic Writing
  • U.S. History: Beginnings to Civil War
  • Spanish I
  • Life Science
  • Following Christ
  • MS Mathematics II/Pre-Algebra
  • Physical Education

8th Grade

  • Literature, Academic Writing, and Research
  • U.S. History: Civil War to Present
  • Spanish II
  • Physical Science
  • Our Life in Christ
  • Pre-Algebra/Algebra I
  • Physical Education

8320 Ballard Rd, Niles, IL 60714
Tel: 847.375.0600 Fax: 847.375.0606

8320 Ballard Rd, Niles, IL 60714
Tel: 847.375.0600 Fax: 847.375.0606