In a collective sense, young men at Northridge Prep are being mentored throughout each school day in their contact with teachers and coaches respected for their integrity.

drop-characterHowever, mentoring is most effective when it is personalized to the integral development of each student. The bedrock of our commitment to young men’s character formation is our advisory program, the most distinctive aspect of a Northridge Prep education.

Through the advisory program, faculty members meet personally and consistently with students throughout the school year. Advisory conversations are anchored with mutual respect and friendship, qualities that also characterize ongoing relationships between parents and advisors. Ultimately, the advisory program is a service to parents who, given the dignity of their vocation, cultivate a long-term vision for the character formation of their son.

Students engaged in advisory conversations:

  • Recognize, with their parents, their advisor as the first point of contact at the school
  • Acquire self-knowledge as they identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Grow in self-confidence as they follow through on goal-setting and problem-solving
  • Gain maturity by carrying on reflective, one-on-one dialogues concerning important subjects
  • Become familiar with the core virtues found in men of honor
  • Internalize the spirit of the school with its emphasis on professionalism, optimism, a spirit of service, and the relationship between freedom and responsibility
  • Receive information about activities at the school that align with their personal interests and skills

8320 Ballard Rd, Niles, IL 60714
Tel: 847.375.0600 Fax: 847.375.0606



8320 Ballard Rd, Niles, IL 60714
Tel: 847.375.0600 Fax: 847.375.0606